Stewart is a red Furness Railway, mixed-traffic engine. He runs the Main Line with Scotsman, Shane, Ivatt, and Steve. Stewart is the oldest engine documented on British Railways and is occasionally made fun of for his age.

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Stewart was built in 1896 by Sharp, Stewart, and Company at their Atlas Works in Glasgow, Scotland in 1896. He worked on the Furness Railway's Cumbrian Coast Line before coming to the BR to help with the incoming passenger services. He worked with Tobias on the Main Line route until Flying Scotsman arrived. In 1939 - 1945 he and the other engines transported troops across Britain to help with the war. In 1969 he was given a overhaul at Crewe . When he came back in 1973 he was a faster and stronger engine. When he found out that all but one of his brothers and sisters were scrapped in 1967, he was sent to Sodor along with Flying Scotsman to meet up with them. In 1997 he was sent to Southampton and back to notify the residents about the Queen's arrival. He did the same thing in 2000, but he worked as a banker to help Peter and Scotsman to the station.

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Stewart is very kindhearted, mature, wise and keen to help a friend in need. The shunters look up to him as a grandfatherly and brotherly figure. He is a hard worker too and always does his best to finish a job. Whenever an engine misbehaves or acts out, it is Stewart that the other engines turn to in order to help ease out the situation. Unfortunately, the big engines, especially the main four; Scotsman, Shane, Ivatt, and Steve often see Stewart as old-fashioned and slow. While it is true he is the oldest engine documented on the British Railways he has proved time and time again that he is more than capable of working as hard as any engine.


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