Steve is a red L.M.S Black Five who works on the Main Line route with Ivatt, Flying Scotsman, and Shane.

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Steve was built as a prototype to the Black Five class by William Stanier, he worked on the L.M.S for three and a half years before he was bought be The Controller. On his first few days, he had a huge rivalry with Scotsman and was teased by Shane. But the only engines that didn't ridicule him were Stewart and Tobias, who he quickly befriended. He was still mocked by Shane and Scotsman until he rescued Scotsman from a dangerous flood and was praised by the latter and still mocked by the former. In 1961 he was given a rebuild to match up with the official locomotives in his class. When he returned, he was stronger and faster than he was as a prototype. The other engines gave him praises and complements, this made him very cocky until he broke down and had to be towed by Paxman, (a diesel who had major teething troubles) to the works. Upon his return, he became a more calm and collected engine who was still cynical and arrogant, but had his limits.

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Steve is well-behaved and friendly, but is sometimes arrogant and cynical. But at heart, he's a good worker and is willing to put others before himself. Unlike Flying Scotsman and Shane, Steve does not mind pulling trucks, especially as he is a mixed traffic engine, although when he is given the job of pulling the express whenever the two is unable to, this can get to his smokebox and he can act full of himself.

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