Jackson is a small black well-tank engine who was brought to the railway during the big engine's protest. He's quite cheeky, often getting himself into trouble with his attempts to play tricks on the other engines. 


In 1928 he was bought when Flying Scotsman, Steve, and Ivatt started to protest that they weren't respected enough. He started off shunting in the yard and then became a secondary station pilot at Euston station in 1929. When David arrived the workload became easier and Jackson was transferred to light engine duties. After Telford had an accident, he and Tobias were sent to meet the new diesel twins, Chiteran and Bubble. Chitteran was rude and nasty to the tank engines while Bubble was kind and concerned about the two. On June 4th, 1962 he derailed after overturning due to excessive speed on a bend. After his return, he told Telford and Tobias a ghost story though to his dismay, they didn't believe it, so in order to get his payback, he spooked both of them by acting as if he was a real ghost.

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Jackson is bright, cheerful, and full of ideas. And although he can be cheeky, he's a hard worker and is capable of doing almost any job he's given. He loves to tease the bigger engines and even considers this a hobby of some sort. He is vengeful as he won't take any insult or any form of taunting from the big engines unless he can get back at them, or if they get reprimanded by the controller. He has a close relationship with Telford, Tobias, Ivatt, David, and Denver. He considers them some of his "best friends", especially with Telford.

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