Ivatt is a tender engine that works on the Main Line route with Scotsman, Shane, and Steve. He may be cynical and sarcastic, but he's a hard worker.

Biography Edit

Ivatt was built at the Derby works in 1925 as a prototype test model. He worked perfectly but with a few flaws. He was then sent to the Caledonian Railway for two months until he was sent back for misconduct. When he arrived back, his original owner sold him to The Controller. He had a few mishaps on his first few days, but he was able to redeem himself.

Personality Edit

Ivatt is shallow, boastful, overconfident, cynical, sarcastic and vain. He has acted like this even before he was sent away from Scotland. However, on a number of occasions, he has found himself in need of help from those whom he has insulted and is, in the end, apologetic. Ivatt was the last of the steam engines to retain a hatred against diesels. However, after stalling on a cold day, he was rescued by Western Fusilier. Later, he finally admitted that not all diesels were so bad.

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