Don and Doug are are twin Scottish mixed-traffic tender engines. They were bought by The Controller to help out with the extra goods and passengers.

Biography Edit

Don and Doug were designed by John F. McIntosh and built by the St. Rollox Works for the Caledonian Railway in 1909. Upon nationalisation, they became part of the Scottish Region of British Railways, where they were renumbered 57550 and 57551. By their request, they were painted CR blue, in honour of their Caledonian heritage. In 1968 Doug saved a 14xx and his brakevan from scrap. Since then, the twins have, by all accounts, "transformed" goods traffic on the mainline and the branchlines.

Personality Edit

Don and Doug practical, proud and laid back. They enjoy playing practical jokes and have been known to impersonate one another in the past. They were given nameplates to prevent this from happening. They're very able workers, strong performers and handle any task well. They are fully capable of being firm with the other big engines, such as Scotsman, Shane, and Steve. They are both used to harsh winter conditions too. Coupled back to back, with a coach and two cranes between their tenders, they are very capable of patrolling the lines, clearing them of the snow. Like most twins, they hate to be separated from each other but, like most twins, they occasionally have their arguments among themselves and can squabble with one another. They along with Ivatt were the last to retain a hatred against diesel locomotives. But after Vic stood up for them their hatred for them has softened.

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