David is a dark green pannier tank engine who originates from the Great Western Railway. He holds great pride in being Great Western and this results in him having a strong work ethic. This can, however, be a cause for friction with his colleagues and this can cause him to be quite cocky.

Biography Edit

David was built at Swindon works in 1928. Whilst still on the Great Western, he worked as a station pilot at Paddington Station, he also worked on the underground route as well. And in 1932 he worked both at the same time. When he was brought to the railway on loan by The Controller, he worked like clockwork, on that same day, he stood up for the smaller engines.The Controller was impressed be his work ethic and courage, that he decided to buy David, but because of the depression, he couldn't. When World War II broke out, he needed another engine to handle the extra workload, so he borrowed David. When the war ended, and the British Railways were nationalized, he finally bought David. Once on the railway, the other engines grew a likeness towards him very quickly. All of the attention made David quite cocky. He became so cocky, that one day at Euston Station, he was shunting coaches and ran them into a siding, causing them to derail. He was teased and mocked for a while until he redeemed himself by saving Scotsman's life by pulling him out from a burning shed before it collapsed. After that, he became a wiser and more careful engine.

Personality Edit

David is smart, wise, and patient. He knows how to make the best out of a bad situation, and knows his way around almost every siding, bend, or station. He's a quick learner, and is very friendly. He can be stern if he has to, though he never tires about talking about his Great Western heritage.

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